The DiDonato family owns and operates Southbridge Tool & Manufacturing; a 70,000 square foot facility that is capable of innovative high-speed, high-precision CNC machining, and precision sheet metal fabrication and welding to serve a vast array of customer needs.

Michael DiDonato


Michael is loving father and husband who was born and raised in Southbridge, MA. He is dedicated to an active lifestyle and enjoys participating in assisted athletics events with his teammate Kyle Brodeur as Team Unstoppable.

Nick Sotar

Lead Designer

Nick Sotar has brought his bicycle expertise to the Assisted Athletics Community. Nick has owned and operated multiple bicycle shops and has ridden his bicycle around the world. Nick designed ‘The Blade’ to be faster, lighter, cheaper, and made to travel. He is currently retired and enjoys working at Hoyt Running Chairs with his 2 daughters, Anna and Katie, and his friends at Southbridge Tool.

Anna Sotar

Director of International Sales

Anna joined Hoyt Running Chairs to help grow the international Assisted Athletics community. She also builds the wheels, wraps the handlebars, and packages each running chair. In her free time, Anna practices yoga and fosters pit bulls.  

Katie Sotar

Official Upholsterer

As the official upholster for Hoyt Running Chairs, Katie sews all the cushions and bags for the chairs. She is an arts-and-crafts enthusiast, a Bikram Yoga master, an active hiker, and music lover.