How to Assemble Your Blade Out of the Box

A step-by-step instructional video on how to assemble your Blade from start to finish.

How to Attach The Disc Brake Wheel

Instructional video on attaching the disc brake to the wheel. You must have a washer and brass fitting on your axle pin to fit the disc brake.

How to Attach Your Blade Fork and Front Wheel

How to Attach the Bike Boom to the Blade

Detailed instructions on putting the hanger on your bicycle, bike boom to running chair and bringing it all together.

How to Choose the Best Bicycle for Towing Your Blade

Ted Painter and Nick Draper Triathlon Transition

Removing Disc Brake Wheel

Adjusting Disc Brake

Drag and Parking Brake Demo

Assembling the Blade Cushion

Instructional video on attaching the straps, Intercooler Base, and your foam cushion to your Blade running chair.

Attaching Safety Harness

Blade Intercooler Base System

Intercooler in the Heat

How to Pump Air into Your Tires

Instructional video on how to pump up your tires. **Tires should be pumped before every race/ride. PSI is printed on each tire.

Importance of Tire Pressure

Wheels for Your Running Chair

How to Attach Your Wheel Covers to Your Wheels

Instructional video on how to attach your wheel covers to your wheels. Wheel covers ordered at the same time as the running chair are attached and shipped together. This video is for those who order covers separately and have to attach them themselves.

Wheel Covers to Promote Sponsors

Custom Comfort Options for Your Blade

Informational video on the custom-made comfort options available. Explanations on what all those soft velcro strips on your cushions are for. Head rests, foot rests, knee bolsters, foot block, side bolsters, and nanotubes.

Adjust Aerobars for Shorter Runners on a Hoyt Running Chair

Adjusting the handlebar height on your Blade is simple.

Comfortable Aero Bars for Runners

How to Attach the Sun Shade

How to Attach the Corner Hanging Bag

This bag is great for storing medications, snacks, phones, keys, drinks, etc. One side is zipped closed; the other side is mesh and open.

The Blade Travel Bag

More videos on how to pack your Blade into the travel bag to come.