On Saturday September 24, 2016, Phil Kaminski and his wife, Marie Jo, will compete in the 100km de Millau, France’s most famous and oldest 100 km race! The two of them will race along the Tarn, make a round trip between Millau and Saint-Affrique, and pass under the Milau Viaduct. They will take in all the sights, and experiences together, as Marie Jo is pushed in a Team Hoyt Running Chair by Phil.

Marie Jo found out she had breast cancer in 2010. She went through surgeries and chemotherapy for 2 years. As the years went on, she developed metastasis in other areas of her body.

Together, Marie Jo and Phil organize the team Les P’tits Potos in France. Les P’tits Potos is a growing team of 200 members and participate in races with their Joellettes and Team Hoyt Running Chairs. Marie Jo is the team’s Secretary, and Phil is the President.

Thank you for sharing your story of true love and dedication. We wish you the best of luck, Marie Jo and Phil. We will be cheering you on from across the Atlantic.

You can follow their race here. You can also follow them on Facebook!


Marie Jo and Phil completed the 100km de Millau in 16 hours and 18 minutes!!!


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